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M & R Controls (UK) Limited has been involved in the development of Narrow Boat solar systems since 2006.

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About Us

Developing Systems since 2006


M& R Controls (UK) Limited has been involved in the development of Narrow Boat solar systems since 2006 with many hundreds of boats now using green energy.

We offer systems from 165 watt to 990 watt with top quality solar panels and top of the range MPPT charge controller.

Please check our "Systems" page for more details and prices.  These prices are "Fully Fitted" and include VAT. If you wish to fit the system yourself big discounts are available, so give us a call and we will provide a quotation. 

You will also find our "intro pack", detailing full specifications, available in pdf format on our "downloads" page.

If you want to place an order, or simply discuss your requirements please feel free to contact us. We will not try to sell you a 990 watt system if a 165 watt will do the job and in any case, our systems can be expanded so you can always start with 330 watt and see how it works for you.

Tilt & Flat Mounting


This shows our original "Tilt & Flat" mounting 

bracket which was designed many, many years ago with the help of boaters. It has since been copied by numerous people claiming to have designed it, but........ such is life. 

There are "competitors" who rubbish other systems, stating their systems are so much better, panels should be mounted flat etc etc. We consider this to be "bad form" and do not get involved. We give honest answers to your questions and will not sell you something you do not require. Solar will NOT solve all your electrical energy requirements but they will certainly help, considerably more so in the summer months.

>2000 & Increasing


Over 1000 boats fitted with our systems.

We can all make mistakes and any system supplier can have problems! The quality of supplier is measured by the quality of after sales service.

Purchase with confidence and receive the back-up and service you demand from a supplier.

We have just repaired, or should I say Robin has just repaired, free of charge, a 4 year old MPPT controller. Why throw it away if a) you know enough about the product to do a repair and b) you have a long term relationship with the manufacturer who will supply spares if required.

Contact Us

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Better yet, see us in person!

Please give us a call before turning up as we may not be available. It is always best to  make an appointment first.

Oh, and if you would like a drink when you arrive but do not drink coffee, bring your own tea-bag and milk.

We are approximately 5 miles off Junction 28 of the M1   

Narrowboat Solar Systems

Unit 1d, Stonebroom Industrial Estate, Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England DE55 6LQ, GB

01773 875795


By Appointment ONLY.

We are on site quite a lot so please phone prior to visit.